What means Yokozuna ? In memory of Harry

What means Yokozuna ?

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What is a biodegradable product ? What is a compostable product ?

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Because Earth is Our Village...

Yokozuna Technologies offers you a complete range of biodegradable and compostable products intended for professionals : Institutions, Associations, Central Purchasing Departments, Shops, Producers etc...

Since its foundation in 1997, The Yokozuna Technologies Company took pains to manufacture and propose only Ecofriendly products. In Yokozuna no plastic bags, no chemical products or polluting raw materials able to harm Earth natural ressources.


All our materials are 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable in accordance with the European Standard EN 13432. Moreover, all our products are certified OK-compost by the AIB-Vinçotte International (Brussel) and corns used are European and guaranteed GMO Free.

This commitment, the quality of our products and the constant search of customer satisfaction have led numerous Organic shops, Large Volume Distribution Companies, Producers, Big International Exhibitions in France and in Europe to use and offer our biodegradable bags instead of the very polluting plastic bags !

Since nearly 8 years we have been among the first to offer a complete range of biodegradable products :

  • Shopping bags
  • Dustbin bags
  • Composting bags
  • Cutleries
  • Biodegradable mulch film for Market gardening and gardeners
  • Working clothes and leisure wears

All our products are made of Mater-bi®, a revolutionary matter corn starch-based (GMO Free), entirely biodegradable which gives fertilizing compounds for new farming.

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